Nigel Bagley

Front-End Developer & Designer

Who am I?

I’m a designer turned front-end developer turned project manager based in Toronto. As a designer, I’ve dabbled in HTML and CSS through work assignments where I’d have to teach myself to build HTML emails and custom WordPress themes. I enrolled in HackerYou’s part-time web development course and then their front-end development bootcamp. With these two skills combined and my industry background in Project Management I would make a great asset to any team.



An API that lets the user select which type of beer they would like to try and brings back a random beer each time.

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Custom WordPress Theme

Design and development of a custom wordpress theme for the salt sisters luxury travel website.

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PSD to Website

A static PSD website template was given and I was responsible for the development of the static HTML website.

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JavaScript Photo Gallery

A simple JavaScript gallery that lets the user drag and drop mustaches onto the HackerYou's Cohorts Alumni.

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jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin built with the html5 canvas tag that lets the user draw on any part of their website with a variety of colours.

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WordPress Site Developement

Static website to WordPress theme. The client chose the twenty-thirteen theme and wanted me to make it resemble their original site.

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Custom WordPress Theme

A static PSD website template was given by the client and I was responsible for the custom theme development of their WordPress Site.

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